Magdalena Lyle

Connect with a higher consciousness

If you are interested in having a private channelling session or join my group channelling sessions, please book below.

Channelling is a process of connecting with higher consciousness, such as spirit guides, angels, or ascended masters.

It is a way to receive guidance, wisdom, and healing from these beings.

I am a channeller, and I offer my services to help people connect with their higher selves and receive guidance on their life path.

I can channel for individuals or groups, and I can help with a variety of issues, including:






Personal Channelling
15 Minutes

Offering this short session opens the possibilities of what the guided messages can inspire for those that are new to channeling and for those that understand and appreciate the connection it can be a short precise question to the guides that is specific to their moment now.
15 mins - $77

Personal Channelling
30 Minutes

Needing to experience more of an in-depth conversation with Magdalena and her guides, this opportunity gives you time to ask more questions and receive messages to bring you into an awareness of how to best support your needs.
30 mins - $107

Group Channelling
60 Minutes

A collaboration of energy brings the energy into a whole new vibrational experience. Increasing the frequency and intensity of a group session not only connects to Magdalena's guides but the support that comes from all that is present. Bringing a community of like-minded spiritual awakening.
60 mins - $30